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Texas Concealed Handgun Association

Welcome to Plano CHL (DBA McKinney Firearms Training). We offer classes for the Texas Concealed Handgun License in the Collin County area, including Plano, Allen and McKinney. CHL classes are offered 2-3 times each month.

Classes have been filling up quickly! Learn more about the Plano CHL class here!

National Rifle Association
Great class Sandy! And, thank you for not calling it off due to the weather!!!! It reminded me so much of training days in the service. What a great time. You're truly of the Ranger spirit.
Robert M.

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We provide in the areas of Plano, Allen, McKinney, and local communities. The cost is just $40.00. To fulfill state requirements for the Concealed Handgun License, you must start an application online with DPS, make an appointment for fingerprinting, and attend a class. The instructor will certify that you have passed both the written test and the shooting proficiency, and you will submit that form to the state. After the state runs a background check, your license will be issued. If you need to learn how to shoot, please see McKinney Firearms Training for that.

The Texas Concealed Handgun License class includes material in several areas, covering
  • Laws around carrying a handgun
  • Laws around the use of force and deadly force
  • Proper Handgun handling
  • Dispute Mitigation
  • Handgun Storage

Plano CHL classes conform to Texas state requirements, and require about 4 hours, plus a written test and a shooting proficiency test. This is a no-fail course.

We follow NRA and DPS protocols, and we take handgun safety seriously. Please see the CHL Class Schedule, or contact Plano CHL with questions.

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